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Thursday, August 26, 2010


My husband enjoys a good book, too.
As a teacher, you would think that I don't particularly care for homework because I have to grade it. Part of that is true. It does take a lot of my time to get all 180 of my students' papers graded (that's per assignment, by the way). Being a psychology instructor, however, the type of assignments I hand out gives me the opportunity to get to know my students a little better.

This is not really what this post is about, though. Today I am grateful for my daughter's homework. Yep, I'm glad my daughter's teacher gives her homework every night. The best part is that it is consistent. There is math, reading, and spelling every day. The math my daughter completes after school before I pick her up. The spelling can be fun--if you have the spelling tick-tac-toe assignments, then you know how that works, so she doesn't complain as much this year. And the reading is now a blessing. She does have a specific story she has to read once a week, which she tests on later in class, but she also gets to read anything for 20 minutes each day. At least, that's how we've been interpreting the assignment. :-) This wondrous time allows me to read my book while she quietly reads hers. I don't care if it's a storybook or a comic book, as long as my kid is reading. I actually got to finish the 12th book of the Wheel of Time thanks in part to the reading homework assignment. So, "Yay reading!"

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