When life throws you lemons, thank it for the snack

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bath Time

I am not only thankful for bath time in general, but also for the large bath I have in our master bedroom. My daughter is growing at a rapid pace (she's 8 and already past 4'3"), so anything that allows her to still play like other little, smaller, kids is a boon. Bath time in our house means I can walk away from her for half an hour while she plays in the water. This gives me some relaxing down time during an hour when I am still conscious, before the caffeine wears off and cares of the day pull me down. When she gets bored, I scrub her down and wash her hair thoroughly. By the time we're finished it's off to bed. I can sometimes get in a story or a song while I'm scrubbing or drying. Then it's easier to tuck her in. She's clean, warm, happy, and ready for dream land. And I'm more relaxed and ready for another hour or two of productivity--grading papers, doing dishes, catching up on TV or crafts, etc.

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