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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Patient People

I am almost convinced that impatience and selfishness go hand-in-hand. Selfishness is a pet peeve, and occasionally a weakness, of mine. With so many impatient people, I have a great appreciation for those individuals who can slow down or show understanding for others. I am grateful to the patient drivers who realize that a STOP sign is a stimulus to stop, not just roll by. I am grateful for patient drivers who allow pedestrians to cross in front of them without unnecessarily slamming their brakes or honking their horns or gunning their engines as soon as the walker barely clears the car. I am thankful for the patient parents waiting in line with their kids for anything (registering for something, waiting for pick-up or drop-off, making a purchase, etc.) who realize that everyone deserves the same courtesy that they themselves would like to enjoy. I am thankful to the parents who do not believe that somehow their child is more special than anyone else's child. I am grateful to the people who do not feel that they are entitled to extra privileges just because they are who they are, but rather deserve the same courtesy and consideration (and thus also hand it out) as others on this planet. I am especially grateful to the people who don't believe that their time, which is the same amount as every other person's on this earth, is more valuable than any other's just because it is their time.

I see so much impatience and selfishness each and every day that it makes those patient and courteous individuals seem that much more precious. Thank you to all the considerate people out there.

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