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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turn Signals: Because Average Humans are NOT Telepathic

Living in Florida for the last 14 years, I have come to appreciate the invention of the turn signal more and more each day I get behind the wheel. For some reason, many drivers seem to believe that I and other drivers can read their minds. We somehow have this magic ability to predict when someone wants to come into our lane or turn onto another road. We do not. At least, I do not. I rely heavily on other drivers to use their turn signals to communicate their intentions. If I don't see a turn signal on a car ahead or behind me, then I assume the driver intends to keep driving straight in their current lane. I use my turn signals to indicate my desire to change lanes or travel in a direction other than straight ahead. I have found that my turn signal, when used properly, gives other drivers time to make room for me in the lane or to slow down behind me as I turn, thus avoiding accidents.

Drivers, please continue to use that handy little blinking light. It really helps keep accidents down. And using your turn signal for an extended period only makes a trusting soul like myself ever so nervous, as I keep expecting you to make your turn or lane shift, so I drive slower behind you in the hopes of giving you room. There's a nifty feature in almost every modern car. Not only can you see a little arrow light up on your dash board when you activate your turn signal, but you can also hear a rhythmic click or beep or thump or sound of some sort that lets you know your signal is still active. I very much appreciate drivers who deactivate their signals once their turn or lane change is completed. I very much appreciate this sound feature myself, as sometimes I forget my signal is still on or the turn is not complete enough to automatically deactivate the blinker. The sound lets me know that I need to communicate with my fellow drivers that I have completed my maneuver and I will not need to enter their space at that moment.

Yay for turn signals and thank you ever so much for those of you who use them. If you are unfamiliar with the operation of this nifty invention, then I suggest you peruse your car's owner's manual so you too can enjoy the benefits of driving communication.

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