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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finding the Positive

It certainly has been quite a while since I posted here. Don't get me wrong, I still have had plenty to be grateful for in all that time, I simply did not feel motivated enough (or something else continuously came up) to post.

I thought I would try an exercise that I often ask my psychology students to try. I am going to evaluate the past week and list 20 positive things that occurred from October 12, 2011 to October 19, 2011. I always claim to them that it should be easy when you make the attempt and that the exercise itself helps to reduce stress by highlighting the positives. So, here goes.

1. Finally set up a date for my daughter's tonsillectomy.
2. Finally got the evaluation for my daughter's speech and physical therapy and will begin sessions soon.
3. My body seems to finally be adapting to my prescription.
4. My follow-up appointment went well.
5. I had quite a few classes with an early lecture so my students could have class time to work on their team projects.
6. All team projects were completed in a single day, with no overflow.
7. An unanswered question about a student was finally settled.
8. I discovered a graphic novel series (Amelia Rules!) that both my daughter and I can appreciate.
9. I successfully made dinner more than half the week.
10. I kept up with the dishes for 4 days in a row.
11. I made it almost a complete week without shouting at my daughter in the morning.
12. I made more progress in Lego Universe for both of my characters.
13. I discovered a new recipe for a breakfast food that my daughter enjoys--popovers.
14. I am only 2 quizzes behind on my grading.
15. I will most likely not have to stay up until 3am the night my grades are due because most of the assignments I have left to grade are quick reads.
16. I had fewer than 10 students with more than 6 (out of 25) missing assignments with only one week of the semester to go.
17. My schedule adjustments worked out perfectly.
18. I made it through an entire week without taking a nap.
19. My sunburn is not as sore as it was a couple days ago.
20. I made it to the bottom of this list and I can still think about more things to add!

So, I did it. I came up with 20 positive things from the past 7 days. This was actually quite easy and enjoyable to accomplish. I may try this again. My to-do list has not dissipated, but it is good to remind yourself every once in a while about what you are capable of doing through the evidence.

I shall endeavor to post once again at a shorter interval. Stay positive!

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