When life throws you lemons, thank it for the snack

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fuzzy Blankets

I am an unashamed wuss when it comes to cold. I have poor circulation in my hands and feet and everything slows down for me when I'm too frosty. All I really want to do at times like these is sleep. The best comfort for me in the chillier months is not a cup of hot cocoa (love the stuff I got from Costa Rica!) or spice tea, but a warm fuzzy blanket. If I had my way, I would cuddle under the blanket my dad got us for Christmas a few years back from sunset to sunrise, only coming out when the sun finally decided to get to work. Of course, no one can always have their way; we must slog through some of the less comfortable moments of the year to fulfill our obligations to society. That makes the warm fuzzy blanket waiting for you at home that much more special.

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